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For your charity, non-profit organisation or school, I'm offering you me! Realise your promotion through print media, website design or video. Just fill out this form and apply today!

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Terms & Conditions:

Eli Peters will notify accepted "free work" via email or phone within two working days. Please send me an email if you believe you deserve reconsideration.

The "free work" that Eli Peters is offering will favour a process that ensures that both Eli Peters and the applicant finish with a favourable result. These steps are as follows:

  1. Applicant fills out this form.
  2. Wait for a reply from Eli Peters. (Only accepted applicants will receive a reply)
  3. A Work Agreement contract is established. IE. scope of design, intended deliverable, final deadline.
  4. Design is sent for approval. Applicants are permitted to ONE re-design only. (see Annex A)
  5. Re-design is sent for approval.
  6. Applicant completes process by indicating, in writing, as work complete.

Annex A. Eli Peters doesn't want to limit the possibilities of any design project and so any additional work, beyond the work agreement, is permitted but will be paid at Eli Peters going rate.

Successful applicants permit Eli Peters to use development and finished "works" for "promotional purposes". Any applicant request to delay the prerelease of "works" for "promotional purposes" may do so in writing, providing the date of release. All "works" used for "promotional purposes" by Eli Peters will incur a 30 day wait from an indicated date of release. If there is no indicated date of release then 30 days will begin from hand over of finished "works".

Ownership of the "final design" is solely the applicant's. However ownership only applies to the "final design" and does not include: ownership of proprietary data such as the code used in constructing a website or any software used in constructing a design; "stock" footage or imagery such as that does not depict the applicant's organisation, logo or employees; design style which depict Eli Peters.

Applicants providing visual media must ensure they have permission to do so or indicate clearly if any media infringes upon Australian Copyright Law.

By submitting this form, acceptance of "free work" is not guaranteed

Eli Peters can not be held liable for any loss of income resulting from missed deadlines or errors resulting in the "final design". 

Should any part of these conditions be deemed illegal or un-enforceable then only that part of these conditions should be considered void and not the entirety of these conditions. All decisions made by Eli Peters is final and non binding.

"free work" - Eli Peters is offering his time and equipment only. Any additional costs such as printing, hosting or equipment hire not owned by Eli Peters will be covered by the applicant.

"works" - refers to the design, partial or complete, of the applicants design brief which includes any initial design submitted to Eli Peters.

"promotional purposes" - refers to the intended use of Eli Peters to publicly display "works" for promoting Eli Peters as a graphic designer and is considerate of but is seperate to the applicant's own promotion.

"final design" - the print, website, or video as completed work and limited to the visual aspect of the design.

"stock" - the library of imagery or video held by Eli Peters which consists of places, objects or people and do not contain elements specific to an applicant.